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Coconut Village Homestay Resort was established since 1988. We started with Aqua-Culture, Fish Farming developments at Pulau Sibu: A 400ft x 50ft Platform mainly cultivating on Groupers, Seabass, Lobsters, Snappers, etc. Initially we were living on the platform however due to everyday sea-sickness we have to find a nearby place for stay, which is our current Resort location. We started with building simple "Atap" Hut for our own stay; a simple hut made of coconut tree's leaves.

In the year 1990, we started building a few more simple "Atap" huts for Rental to the Sport Fishermen. Since then there were many inquiries for such needs to stay at our huts. By the end of 1991 we started to build a simple resort to serve our Guests, Food & Lodging.

However in the year 1993, our local government gazetted Islands of Johor as Marine Park. Hence NO more Fish Farming activities were allowed at the island. Fish Platforms must be demolished and "Kelong" must be converted to serve tourists only.

Eversince we started developing the resort to serve Local & Foreign tourists. We started building more Rooms & upgraded our facilties from time to time in order to deliver better services for tourist activities. Our resort is only a Simple Resort with all the Basic Facilities.

In the year 1997, we renovated our resort facilties again. Major Revamped & Upgraded to Chalets, Large Big Bungalow House: with Rooms & Common Washrooms, Dining Hall, Multi-Purpose Room, Jetty, Staff Rooms, & etc.

Our resort consist of 8 Personnels. where each personnel have to assist each anothers to serve our guests better. We insist to provide Friendly services to our guests.

The resort Built Up Areas is about 2 acres sq ft. We always keep our resort Clean & Tidy. We plant lots of types of plants & trees, we prefer a GREEN environments. DO help us to maintain our RESORT & SEA CLEAN. DO NOT THROW RUBBISHS into the sea: especially plastic bags, bottles, etc. We prefer to be an Eco Friendly Resort in the future.

Our resort has simple Accommodation which cater for 82 persons comfortably. We have 5x units of Quad-Sharing Fan Chalets which located along the Hill-Sides, which has built-in Wall Fans, Cabinets, Beds, & Washroom/Toilet. There is a Twin attached chalets for large family members (Side by Side between each one another). Big Bungalow House consist of 2 Levels: Upper & Ground Floors. Upper Floor has 13x Units of Fan Rooms (6x Twin, 5x Triple, 2x Penta Sharing Rooms) which can accomodates 37 persons comfortably. There are common Washrooms / Toilets at the Rear Section. Ground Floor has 5x units of Air Conditioned Rooms (Penta Sharing Room) which can accommodates 25 persons. The Common Washroom / Toilets is situated at the Rear Section. Please refer to our Resort Plan Layout for the Rooms Location

Our water sources are from Underground Water Sources. Hence you can have an experience to use our cooling & rich with minerals water for your usage. We strongly Do Not Recommend you to Drink the unboiled water. We have to fetch Drinking Water from the mainland to serve our guests. Hence Please Use our Water Wisely, & Remember to TURN OFF the Tap! EARTH CONSERVATION always bear in minds.

Electricity Sources are generated through our Diesel Powered Generators. We will rotate the usage of our Generator 6hourly & there will be certain time where we will Shut Down our generator in the daytime between, 2pm - 5pm. Air-Condition units @ Rooms will only be operation from 10pm-7am; when we switch to our big generator set. We hope to be able to use Eco Friendly Power Sources in the future, possibly Solar & Wind Turbine Powered.

We have 1x 25footer, 1x 27Footer, 1x 28Footer, 1x 32Footer Speed Boats, Yamaha 60-85HP powered with Safety Sea Equipments onboard for Boat Transfers / Ferry Passengers, Angling / Fishing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling. We prefer to transfer our guests quickly & comfortably to the destination, however if there are big crowds we would use Big Bum-Boat for Boat Transfers / Ferry Passengers. Boat SPECIFICATIONS

There are lots of Recreation Facilities available at our resort: while you are at Pulau Sibu, from Lands to Seas activities. Snorkelling is a popular activities for sea lovers. Remember to bring along your sea equipments or rent it from our resort. Angling / Fishing lovers do not forget your angling equipments, you can fish at our jetty, open sea fishing, or try our newly built "Unjang". Ice & "Sotong" / Squid Baits are available at resort upon your requests. Scuba Diving is also another popular sports, there are many dive sites which is rich with Corals, Fishes & many unexplored dive sites. We conduct Dive Trips & Scuba Courses at Pulau Sibu / Tinggi. Beach Volleyball, Kayaks, Jungle Trekings are also among the popular requests from our guests. Photographers lovers please remember to bring your camera along. Many great photos had been captured by our guests: SunSet, Flowers, Landscape, Birds, etc.

We have Astro Telecast Services @ Dining Hall, Karaoke / Movie / Meeting Room (Multi Purpose Room) for you to sing along (remember to bring your own favourite titles). Mahjong / Playing Cards / Ping Pong are available to occupied your time.

BBQ pit is available if you requires additional BBQ Meal at night; Chicken Wings, Fishes, Corns, Prawns, Crabs, Sausages, etc. SteamBoat Meals are available too, just sit beside the sea & enjoy the foods.

Fish Farming / Platform has some great seafood ready for you to consume. Freshness Guarantee! Seasonal Availability & subject to seasonal rates. ie Groupers, Lobsters, King Prawns, Crabs, etc.


2010 Upgraded our Jetty : Concrete Jetty & Bought a New Karaoke System for our guests. We will be constantly upgrade our Services & Facilities to serve our guests better.

2013 Upgraded Ground Floor Penta A/C Room (5Persons) to Octa A/C Room (8Persons), Upkeep of Buildings & Chalets & Rooms.

2014 Upkeep our Jetty : Raised the Flooring & Redo the Wooden Stairs for Boarding Boat; Upkeep of Buildings Chalets & Rooms.


We look forward to serve you at our resort & Thank you for your supports. Happy & Safe Holidays.

Please CONTACT US for any further clarification.