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COCONUT VILLAGE HOMESTAY RESORT, PULAU SIBU is a Simple Holiday Resort with Basic Amenities to cater your holidays at Pulau Sibu; Mersing Archipelago. Our resort can cater for 97 Persons comfortably; Simple Accommodation that consists of many types of Rooms & Chalets:

Twin-Sharing(2Beds), Triple-Sharing(3Beds), Quad-Sharing(4Beds), Penta-Sharing(5Beds), & Octa-Sharing(8Beds);


Coconut Village Homestay Resort have :

5x units of Quad-Sharing AC/Fan Chalets which located along the Hill-Sides, which have 4x units of Beds, 2x units of Wall Fans, Cabinets & Hangers, & Washroom/Toilet. There is a twin attached chalets for large family members (Side by Side between each one another).


Huge Bungalow House consist of 2 Levels: Upper Floor & Ground Floor:

Upper Floor has

~ 6x units of Twin-Sharing Fan Rooms (2Persons):1 unit of Double Bed / 2 units os Single Bed, 1 unit of Wall Fan, Cabinets & Hangers;

~ 5x units of Triple-Sharing Rooms (3Persons): 1 unit of Double Bed & 1 unit of Single Bed, 1 unit of Wall Fan, Cabinets & Hangers,

~ 2x units of Penta-Sharing Rooms (5Persons): 5 units of Beds, 2x units of Wall Fans, Cabinets & Hangers.

There are 4x Units of Common Washrooms / Toilets at the Rear Section. Please refer to our Resort Plan Layout for the Rooms Location.


Ground Floor has

5x units of Octa-Sharing Air-Conditioned Rooms (8Persons): 5 units of Beds, 2 units of Wall Fans, Cabinets & Hangers.

There are 4x units of Common Washroom / Toilets is situated at the Rear Section. Please refer to our Resort Plan Layout for the Rooms Location.


The resort Built Up Areas is about 2 acres sq ft. We always keep our resort Clean & Tidy. We plant lots of types of plants & trees, we prefer a GREEN environments. DO help us to maintain our RESORT & SEA CLEAN. DO NOT THROW RUBBISHS into the sea: especially "Plastic Bags", Bottles, etc. We prefer to be an Eco Friendly Resort in the future. Our resort consist of 6 main Personnel where each personnel ready to assist each anothers to serve our guests better. We insist to provide Friendly services to our guests.

Our water sources are from Underground Water Sources. Hence you can have an experience to use our cooling & rich with minerals water for your usage. We strongly Do Not Recommend you to Drink the water from tap. We have to fetch Drinking Water from the mainland to serve our guests. Hence Please Use our Water Wisely, & Remember to TURN OFF the Tap! EARTH CONSERVATION always bear in minds.

Electricity Sources are generated through our Diesel Powered Generators. We will rotate the usage of our Generator 6hourly & there will be certain time where we will Shut Down our generator in the daytime between, 3pm - 5pm. Air-Conditioned Rooms will only be operation from 10pm-7am; when we switch to our big generator set. We hope to be able to use Eco Friendly Power Sources in the future, possibly Solar & Wind Turbine Powered.


Coconut Village Homestay Resort, Pulau Sibu always ready to provides Friendly & Pleasant Services to our guests.




SAFETY MEASURES : Please ensures your own Responsibilities to take care your Valuable Items / Personal Belongings that you bring. Always ensure Safety First while on your Boat Transfers / Ferry Services, Excursion Activities or while at our Resort. In the event of any uncertainty please check with our staff for any clarification.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification.


We look forward to serve you at our resort.


Please CONTACT US for any further clarification.